Take Me Home

Knowledge Network
Take Me Home
2 x 22 min. /
18 x 2.5 min. (approx.)

What does home mean to you? For each person, it’s different and so personal – in the backyard, on stage, in Tofino, in the kitchen, or wherever family is. Take Me Home profiles 18 British Columbian artists, athletes and personalities on what “home” means to them today.

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Tara and Eric are Vancouver’s Eames’s of filmmaking. They create in a way like no other. They helped create the idea of Take Me Home from the very beginning. Then they gave it life and took it to another level. Tara and Eric always deliver better than imagined. They are relentless in their perfection.

Murray Battle, Director of Independent Production and Presentation,
Knowledge Network

Canadian Screen Awards 2015 nomination
for Production Design
2014 Leo Awards Winner

Best Cinematography
2014 Leo Awards Nomination
Best Cinematography
Overall Sound
Sound Editing
Musical Score